Auction Basics

Benefits To Selling Your Items At Auction:
  • The entire process, from pick-up to payment is prompt & efficient.
  • Pick-up of your items is fast, easy and economical.
  • Items sell at a specifically set day & time.
  • Bidding is open to the public as well as dealers.
  • The auction house makes all preparations for the sale.
  • Auctions promote competition amongst bidders.
  • Auction advertising is more effective, it reaches an international audience of interested buyers.
  • It can help resolve family disputes over personal property distribution.
  • Items can sell more than your asking price.
  • Auctions stimulate enthusiasm.
  • Prices are set by a group of bidders, not one person; this results in a true fair market value for your items.
  • Auctions work on a commission basis therefore; it behooves us to get the highest price possible for your items
  • Keeping strangers away from your home maximizes your safety.
  • Fast cash settlement
  • Convenience, Justin Time Auction takes care of everything for you with no money down including the cost of hauling & labor!
  • Sales are settled within 10 days of completion
  • At Justin Time Auction we treat people with the utmost courtesy & respect.

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