Consignments and Cleanouts

  Are you downsizing or de-cluttering? Did you inherit an estate and feel overwhelmed with the volume of “stuff” you have to deal with? Are you moving and the cost of shipping your belongings outweighs their worth? Is the cost of keeping your belongings in storage unwarranted? Or did you just look around one day and find you have collected WAY TOO MUCH stuff over the years? Don’t worry, you are not alone! There comes a time in everyone’s life when it becomes apparent it’s time to simplify things. Whatever the reason, Justin Time Auction can help you.

There are several options a person can consider to rid themselves of unwanted items. One option is to consider a yard sale which involves, gathering and pricing everything, advertising fees, lots of manual work setting up for your sale, hoping for good weather and attendance and finally re-packing all unsold items and storing them. People will stop by and pick what they want leaving you stuck with the leftovers.

Another choice one may consider is advertising items in the newspaper or on Craig’s List. This decision results in you inviting multiple strangers into your home which may not be advisable especially if you live alone. Remember your safety is invaluable!

You may consider packing and hauling your items to several consignment shops where inventory may sit for months before selling, if sold at all.

The most effective choice is to call Justin Time Auction. We can sell your belongings outright or consign them through auction. We can handle individual items or the entire contents of a home, estate or business. We can make a determination as to which items would fare best at different auctions, optimizing results for you. We will make arrangements to pick up, set up at auction, advertise internationally and sell everything on a commission basis with no money upfront for labor and hauling. Expenses will be deducted from your proceeds and everything usually sells in ONE DAY! We can leave your home completely emptied and broom swept. We work hand in hand with you or independently in completing the task at hand. We can pack your possessions for you or you can pack them yourself to save time and fees, the choices are yours. Just don’t throw ANYTHING away until we come out and view what you have, you may unknowingly throw away a treasure! You may be pleasantly surprised at what your “stuff” can earn you in extra cash!

If you are a realtor, attorney or trustee, the professionals at Justin Time Auction can help. We have extensive experience working together with other professionals to meet client’s needs.

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