Estates and Liquidations

  Justin Time Auction conducts Estate and Liquidation Sales onsite at the property owner's residence or place of business. It is to the benefit of the estate or company to hold the sale onsite whenever possible. Estate auctions can be set up within a month and are settled within ten (10) days of sale.

In the event this option is not possible, we make arrangements to pick-up the contents and relocate those items to an auction house where they would bring the highest price. Depending on what you are selling, different items do better at different auctions. Drawing upon 20+ years of experience, Justin Time Auction has the knowledge and insight to sort through the entire contents of your home, estate or business to make a determination as to which items would fare best at different auctions, thereby optimizing your returns. This process is done by our personable staff in a professional, respectful manner ensuring your comfort, privacy and trust.

As another option, Justin Time Auction may offer to buy a single piece, the partial contents or the entire contents of the house, apartment or business in lieu of selling items at auction.

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