Personal Property Appraisals

  Whenever there's a question about the value of your personal or business property, there's also a risk involved. It may be the risk of selling too low or paying too much, the risk of being under or over-insured, the risk of not getting an equitable share in a division of property, the risk of incurring tax penalties or of being audited when claiming a deduction for charitable contributions or when calculating estate taxes.

A professional appraiser helps manage risk by providing a written value determination upon which you can base your financial decisions. The professional appraiser's value conclusions are based upon recognized methods of evaluation, research and report writing. Bankers, financiers, insurers, estate managers, trustee, executors, attorneys, federal and state tax agencies, judges – ALL depend upon the knowledge and expertise of the appraiser.

Justin Time Auction provides certified professional personal property appraisals and expert witness testimony when necessary for:
  • Estates, Probate or Trust Planning & Settlements
  • Banking and Bankruptcy
  • Divorce Cases
  • Insurance and Casualty Loss
  • Charitable Donations and Gifts
  • Litigation Support
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Commercial Assets
  • Farm Equipment
  • Personal Information
As Certified Appraisers we have formally studied the appraisal process, passed the certification exam and maintain a current membership with the Certified Appraiser’s Guild of America.

The types of items which are generally appraised range from antiques, collectibles, heirlooms, furnishings, glass, china, pottery, silver, figurines, household goods, coins, jewelry and other personal property one would find within a home or business.

If you have any questions about these services or would like additional information, please contact us at (856) 224-1300 or email us at


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